TCAGT is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to serving the Telugu community in Canada. It was established with its registered office in Canada and is recognized as a service-oriented organization based on its articles and mission. Formed under the guidance of prominent Telugu leaders, past presidents, past conveners of other Telugu organizations, and distinguished individuals of Telugu descent residing in Canada for an extended period, TCAGT actively engages in promoting community services, cultural and social activities, student assistance, and the preservation and promotion of Telugu language and heritage in Canada and globally.

TCAGT operates with transparency and openness in its structure and functions. it operates with a 10-member Board of Directors and an Executive Committee under the leadership of President.
The core mission of TCAGT is to address the growing needs of thousands of people of Telugu origin living in North America. Membership is open to individuals of Telugu origin across the globe. Approximately three hundred thousand Telugu people reside in Canada, the majority of whom are professionals, including doctors, biomedical scientists, businessmen, engineers, information technologists, entrepreneurs, pharmacists, professors, teachers, real estate developers, and highly skilled workers. TCAGT strives to cater to their needs through cultural and social activities both in Canada and in Andhra Pradesh, India.

To fulfill its mission, TCAGT organizes regional activities, meetings, and biannual conventions to celebrate Telugu culture and traditions. The organization has identified key activities, including exchange programs for students, scientists, artists, and professionals, promoting Telugu heritage, sponsoring events that enrich society, and providing support for educational, business, and overall development of Telugu
communities globally

As part of its mission, TCAGT aims to promote the Telugu language among children of Telugu origin in Canada, fostering their ability to read and write in Telugu as a second language.